GCD Student Spotlight – Christina Reed

Mom, Hair Designer, Student


What do you do all day? This is a question that makes many people cringe when they hear,  because we all feel busy in our everyday lives, but can’t always recall exactly what they did all day. I know that I felt absolutely overwhelmed with the things going on in my life and wondered how people could ever add the task of school to their lives when they already worked numerous hours a week and were raising two kids, like in my case. Yet the tug at my heart would not cease the gentle but constant tug to enroll at GCD. “Me, God? Are you sure you weren’t talking to the person next to me and I just overheard?” This was a question I kicked around for a while before enrolling here at GCD. I am a hair designer and have been for 19 years. This job suits my ADD quite well and my need for instant gratification from something that doesn’t lose my attention easily. I was sure I couldn’t focus long enough to make it through a class and actually pass it. I talked myself out of enrolling for some time. I had all kinds of excuses but the biggest one was that I did not have enough time. Time is something we all get the same amount of and choose to use in the way we decide is most important.


I finally quit ignoring the gentle, consistent tug at my heart to enroll at GCD and took the plunge. Thank God there was an amazing person that answered the other end of the phone and literally walked me through every aspect of the process; I’m sure she was tired of seeing my number pop up on the caller ID but she always answered the phone with grace and guidance. I was ready to quit the first week of school and another student there talked me out of it, how grateful I am now for these two people that helped usher me into a new era. I now have a much more positive outlook on my journey and have earned high marks so far in all my courses here at GCD. Every single day I am proving myself wrong; there is no place for the previous negativity that once controlled my thoughts.
I am still a hair designer and raising two beautiful kiddos and have somehow found time to add in school and still go the park with my sweet babies and not miss out on the life God had planned for me. God has a plan that involves me trusting Him and letting Him manage my time. So, what do I do all day? I am walking out God’s plan for me, one step at a time.


Grace College of Divinity was named one of the top colleges for Online Bachelor’s degree in ministry

Grace College of Divinity was named one of the best colleges for online ministry degrees by examined multiple colleges with Online Bible College programs and ranked them nation-wide.  The rankings were based on courses offered, student outcomes, and other institutional metrics. Grace College of Divinity’s Bachelor of Divinity degree was ranked as the second best online Bachelor’s in Ministry in the country!

GCD From A Student’s Perspective

Grace College of Divinity is a unique Bible College that puts emphasis on preparing emerging leaders to change the world. GCD accomplishes this through dedicated staff and professors who work to change students lives.

I interviewed several students so that future students can have an understanding of GCD from a personal perspective that is relevant to them. The students’ answers are honest to each individual and help gain insight to the heart of GCD.


  1. What are the classes like?

The classes are engaging and the professors encourage questions. It is always cool to learn about God and the classes help with the practicality of it.” – Patrice Parkinson, Senior

The classes are great because they help prepare you for ministry in life. Destiny and Calling really helped me to think about the future. It also helped me to understand ministry doesn’t always mean working for a church.” – Zach Barefoot, Freshman


  1. What are the professors like?

The professors are very open and personal. They encourage questions and seem down to earth.” – Jeff Deitz, Freshman

The professors are interested in our lives and really want to help us learn.” – Daniel Colby, Senior


  1. What is your favorite part of GCD?

My favorite part is how close knit and family-like the students and classes are.” – Alexander Wilson, Sophomore 

I like that it isn’t a traditional setting and that the people care about other’s views and opinions.” -Jeff Deitz, Freshman 

  1. What is the environment like at GCD?

The environment is very positive and welcoming. The staff and faculty want people to succeed.” -Alainya Pierce, Sophomore

It is very warm and friendly, it’s like another home for me.” -Zach Barefoot, Freshman

  1. How has GCD helped you?

GCD has helped me to succeed in college and gain a better understanding of my weaknesses and strengths.” -Alexander J. Gael, Freshman

I have been better equipped for ministry and life. I have learned communication skills and how to teach myself and others.” -Daniel Colby, Senior

Grace College of Divinity has a passion for emerging leaders. GCD develops students to go out and become world changers. The open and inviting atmosphere of GCD is reflected in all that it does. Grace College of Divinity is a striving force in Biblical Education and continues to support its students and empowers them to succeed.

Church Growth Course


Church Growth Course



     Grace College of Divinity offers a unique course centered around the principles of church growth. It is from a sociological, psychological, and theological point of view. The course is designed to cover elements behind church growth.

     In the class they look at 2-3 models of churches at a systemic level to discover what they have in common. The class looks at successful churches and links the key differences to see how to best impact change in a community.

     The class looks to the early church in the Bible and asks the questions “What makes a movement?” “What would happen to the community if the church disappeared?” The class also recognizes that it is Jesus who grows the church but reaches beyond to see how the church can impact a community.

     Some of the required reading material include Viral Churches by Ed Stezer and Warren Bird and Exponential by Dave Ferguson and Jon Ferguson. The assignments are made relatable to everyone. The class is not designed to only appeal to those who are called to plant a church. The class is for anyone who has a heart for understanding their part in the local church or how the church can obtain optimal healthy growth.

     The early church made a movement that spread the word of God all around the world. That movement has not finished. This class helps individuals find their place in the movement. God fills the seats but our role extends beyond just that.

GCD Alumni Student Experience


GCD Alumni Student Experience

The Expereience Student Ministry Internship

During my time in the Experience internship with GCD, most of my classes took place in class rather than online. I remember having a hard time becoming acclimated to the online courses because they were structured differently. After the internship, I moved back home to Roanoke Rapids, NC and continued my education completely online. Immediately, I ran into an issue – I was unable to find all my required courses in online form. Because of the issue, I had to call GCD to find out if any of my electives could substitute for a required class. Luckily, a couple of my previous classes substituted for prerequisites.

Year 1! So on the top left of the picture, you will see some of my friends I grew up with. These guys were my life, and still are. But after a series of God moments and a lot of tears, the Lord directed and CONVINCED me to do theExperience internship with GCD. I didn’t want to do it, but I’m glad I did. After a series of events, God broke my will, and I quickly fell in love with the people and ministry at GCD and Manna. The people in the second photo are the interns I now call my lifelong friends. They mean so much to me. God took us to Costa Rica (bottom left picture) and showed us what he was doing over seas and brought us together as a team. Then after a lot of blood, sweat, tears, and coffee, we made it through our first year of the internship and we were radically changed people. When I look back on this year, I clearly see that this year was a time of building foundations! God took everything I had built my life upon beforehand and completely shattered it. Then He built a new foundation in me and taught me that you can only grow as tall as you are deep. These words end up being the basis of all to come in the future, because little did I know of the terrors that lay ahead of me in the next year of my life! More on that in the next post! To be continued…! @captainseaturtle #internship #theexperience #changed #neverthesame #ministry #friends #coffee

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Year 2! So this was the year I dread and love them most. After wrestling once again with God, He convinced me to do the second year internship, which means more responsibility, school, people, and gallons of coffee. The years set up was pretty much the same as before, but the challenges were different. You know the story when Jacob and God wrestled? Do you remember how God touched Jacobs leg and it came out of socket? Well during this time, I was wrestling with God, and He touched me in a sensitive spot. He touched my identity which left me completely and utterly a wreck! I had no idea who I was anymore and I could hardly make it through the days. But I learnt so many things that year, and it became by far the most important year of my life thus far. So here are a few tid bits I learnt. The first lesson is that no matter how lost you are, you are always a child of God first, and the rest second. The second lesson is that where you have been and who people say you are does not define you, God defines you. The third lesson is that you can either let brokenness control you, or let brokenness humble you so God can lift you up through His power and Grace instead of opposing you. Matthew 23:12. The last lesson is that even if you are as lost as an Easter egg, and your identity is unsure, the Lord our God who knitted you and fashioned all your parts together knows who you are exactly. And that, my friends, is a solid rock you can rest on. You don’t always have to know the answers. But you do have to rest in Gods truths. And in that place God will reveal who you are. #theexperience #internship #year2 #important #jesussaves #redeems #heknowsyou #helovesyou #restinhim #pureunabridgedmajesty

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 Online Bible College

I cannot say that doing four to five classes online every semester has been good for my health, especially early on. The process is very stressful and time consuming. However, after two semesters, I got the hang of online study and was able to reduce my study time by a couple hours. Because of the similar course patterns in almost ever class, I began to find a rhythm, and work became easier as I became a better student. My grades have been better through online classes, and that is important to me. I believe the online courses have forced me to study and pay attention more to detail as opposed to being in class with people. I realized that I do not retain information being spoken to me as well as information read and written about.


Year 3! So, after I graduated the internship the Lord opened the door for me to move back home and take over as the youth coordinator. So I did, and I continued to work on my bachelors degree online. But I'll tell you what, online school is hard!! I've spent more hours reading and writing in one year than I did in two years in campus! Sometime I just want to jump off a cliff, but I refrain 😬. But in the end, all the hard work is worth it! I have fallen in love with the youth in the Church and they make my life awesome! I pretty much have the coolest job in the world. I get payed to have fun and teach kids, plus the occasional road trip! But the year has also had its challenges as it should. God really challenged me to step out my comfort zone and to do more adventurous things. So as a result I have gotten into hiking, long boarding and I even took a group of 30 from the youth group skiing practically on my own! That was tough! And as you can see, I have a lot of pictures of only a few of my adventures from that year. But through it all, I learned the most about Gods timing. I watched a lot of my friends gain things I have been desiring for a long time. And it's been a challenge to not get jealous, but I know that jealousy doesn't get you anywhere. My patience and trust in God has grown tremendously, and the biggest lesson I've learned is that a good thing at the wrong time becomes a bad thing. Therefore you must wait for the right thing in Gods timing, whether that be love, marriage, career, kids, purpose, promotion, (insert desire here). Isaiah 40:31 "but they who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles; they shall run and not be weary; they shall walk and not faint." Just wait on him, and He will carry you. #waitonhim #helovesyou #jesusissustainingme #year3 #worklife #pureunabridgedmajesty

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Bible College Student

Because of my experience with online courses, I do not believe online classes are for everyone. Some people learn much better through lectures, and others learn better with reading and writing assignments. If you are like me and learn by reading and writing, then online classes are for you. But, if you learn by listening to a teacher, then online courses may not be the best decision for you. However, you have to do what must be done in order to obtain your education. If you work hard no matter what your learning style is, then online classes are worth the extra work.


Year 4! So this year is my last year of college, and in many ways it has been the most challenging. It is not that school or even the work is the challenge, but it's the loss of friends… Sort of… Many of my closest friends have ventured off into their first year of college and I have been left here at home, lonely at times. But as my friends have left to start their own adventures, I have gained a whole new generation of kids in our youth group and I have learnt the value of adding value to others. And the biggest challenge is to help transport the culture that made the previous group soo amazing into these new youthees. But it's a good challenge. Yet, as I am coming to an end in this part of my journey, I am nervous and yet excited about the next steps. I don't have a clue what those steps are, but if I have learned anything in the past 4 years is that what ever God leads you to, it will always be great and worth it. I also feel a strong need for Gods wisdom because I need it. So I've dedicated this year to gaining wisdom with my whole heart. As a matter of fact, the scripture tells us to seek wisdom "Get wisdom; get insight; do not forget, and do not turn away from the words of my mouth." And I know that the wisdom of God is going to direct my steps in the coming future. "Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight." Proverbs 3:5-6 God has got me! No worries 😁 #wisdom #timing #friends #growing #proverbs #trustinthelord #helovesyou #pureunabridgedmajesty

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Final post! So this has been a fun ride, but all good things come an end! I just want to give a couple final thoughts to end the night. So I'm playing my favorite guitar, her name is Nessa Rose. (Don't judge). I call her Nessa Rose because Nessa means pure and Roses are beautiful. So the name means Pure and Beautiful. 😁 I like that picture and I strive to find the pure and beautiful things in this world. They come in many shapes and are in each person. But the most pure and beautiful things are the workings God does inside of you. The question is can you draw them out? The hearts of man are like deep waters, and it takes work, patience, love, and the Holy Spirit to draw them out. So my final advice to you is to seek out the pure and beautiful things that God is doing inside of you and others, and capitalize on those deep workings. Be aware of what God is doing in you and others and always ask yourself how you can participate with God in what He is doing. Selah. Alright! Enough from me! God bless you all and continue to seek God in all you do! #gcdtakeover #fun #selah #Jesussaves #Jesuschangesus #gcd #pureunabridgedmajesty

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Online Bible College: What to Expect

Online Bible College: What to Expect




We are half way through the year and a lot of students start thinking about where they should attend next year or what courses should they take. Here I will talk about why taking online Bible courses at Grace College of Divinity could be a great opportunity for you and what you should expect from taking these courses.

What should I expect from an  Bible College Online

Taking online college classes is a great opportunity for students who like to do independent work and have a busy schedule. When you have a busy schedule sometimes it is hard to go to college. Well, here is your solution. Online Bible Colleges give you the opportunity to finish your career in ministry and leadership. Online Bible Colleges do not only provide courses for ministry, but also for any leadership role in the workplace.

Students should expect a more flexible schedule. Which means that it will be easier for them to get their work done while accomplishing other responsibilities they might have. The student should expect to use the Internet for class discussions, assignments, and overall communication. Also, online classes are often available in an 8 week format compared to a full sixteen weeks.

To turn in assignments GCD uses Populi, which is an online classroom where you can turn in your assignments and keep up with your grades. This website is also used to communicate with professors and staff, check your financial status, register for classes, and much more.

All students are able to use our library. Distance students are able to use the online components available in the library and can also ask for a book to be sent to them via mail. Another online feature that is available is our Writing Center, which helps students with writing, formatting, math, and theology. For more information about our library go to our website .

If you are interested in taking classes with GCD online click here to see our programs.

Online Bible College Courses

Online Bible College Courses


online Bible Courses

What Courses do you offer online?

Almost all of our courses you can take online. Two of Grace College of Divinity’s (GCD) degrees are offered fully online, which are the Associate of Divinity and Bachelor of Divinity. However, we have other degrees and certificates that you can take fifty percent online; visit our website for more information about our degrees and certificates.

We have both 16 week and 8 week-long courses. The 8 week-long courses are shorter yet more intense, condensing the material of a 16 week course into half the time. Many of our students will take an 8 week course in our A term and another in our B term. This allows the student to still finish the same amount of classes but be able to focus on one course (or less courses) at a time, allowing more focus and study time on a specific topic compared to several at once.

Associate and Bachelor of Divinity Degrees

These two Divinity degrees are suited for students who are interesting in obtaining additional training for the purpose of serving and leading the local church. They both are aligned with three specific disciplines: Biblical Studies, Theology, and Practical Ministry. The Associate consists of 54 required credit hours and 6 electives relevant to leadership and ministries. That would be a total of 60 credit hours plus the fulfillment of the Leadership in Action requirement. The Bachelor however, consists of 96 required credit hours and 24 electives relevant to leadership and ministries. In addition to those credit hours, the student will be required to fulfill the Leadership in Action requirement.

These are the two degrees that are offered one hundred percent online, for more information  visit our website at

Online Bible College: Overview

Online Bible College: Overview



What is an Online Bible College?

Going to an online Bible College is a great opportunity to get your degree in the comfortability of your home. You are able to take college courses online and take care of your daily responsibilities. You can be at work, at the park with your family, in bed, at your parents’ house and still be able to get your work done as long as you have internet connection. This is a great opportunity if you are a busy person and cannot go to a college campus and sit in a classroom.

You can take online courses with GCD leading to your degree in ministry, leadership, or divinity. GCD is nationally accredited with ABHE, which is recognized by the Department of Education. This is a great opportunity to establish your career in ministry or develop your leadership skills.

Online college classes are definitely a help for those who need a flexible class schedule or are not located near the school campus. However, to some online classes may be stressful due the style of learning. This style of learning is focused on independent work. While the student will receive feedback and guidance from their online professor, the student will need to be self-motivated to complete their assignments, often even more so than a live class. If you would like to register for classes with our online Bible College please contact us at 910-221-2224.


Grace College of Divinity

Grace College of Divinity

What is Grace College of Divinity?


Grace College of Divinity or GCD is an accredited Bible college focused on complementing the discipleship skills of the local church. GCD uses our leadership, worship, ministry, and family life skills to equip us, believers, to advance the kingdom of God. GCD’s mission is to prepare emerging leaders to change the world by advancing the Kingdom of God through sound Biblical training, practical ministry, and personal development.


What programs does GCD provide?

GCD provides the following programs and certificates:

Christian Leadership Program

This program consists of three degrees; Associate’s, Bachelor’s, and Master’s. This program is focused on training those who feel like they are called to ministry in the church, leadership in the church or business environment, and proclaiming humanity’s alienation from God and God’s work of redemption. The courses for this program are combined with four specific disciplines: Leadership, Biblical Studies, Theology, and Practical Ministry.

Divinity Program

This program consists of two degrees; Associate’s of Divinity  and Bachelor’s. It is focused on training those who feel like their calling is to serve or lead in the local church. It combines the courses with three specific disciplines: Biblical Studies, Theology, and Practical Ministry.

Certificate in Missions Leadership

This is a one-year program for those students who are called to ministry in the mission field. It teaches the student cultural diversity and skill regarding cross-cultural evangelism and discipleship.

Certificate in Worship Leadership

This is a one-year program focused on academic work and extensive music practice in the student’s area of specialization. Specializations include the following: instrumental, vocal and dance.

Certificate in English for Academic Purposes

This certificate prepares foreign students and English-language learners to use the English language successfully in the context of Biblical higher education. It provides Christian foundations while developing reading, writing, listening, and speaking in the English language.

For more information go to our website

Advantages of a Bible College


Advantages of a Bible College


Hello all, my name is Belle and I am a student/intern here at Grace College of Divinity! I started my freshman year of college at a state university and I quickly realized that God wanted me elsewhere when I had a serious concussion that took me out of school for awhile. As painful as my wakeup call was (figuratively and literally), I am glad to have realized where I am meant to be and that is here pursuing a degree in Christian Leadership! 


Many high school students have reached the point in their studies where they have to start asking the big question:  where do I go from here? College seems to be the obvious answer — but which one to choose?College is a very important next step that helps you grow as a human being, and Bible College should be included into your list of considerations. Bible College is not the stuffy-old-men-in-suits picture you may be thinking of now. It is a great experience full of opportunities that will shape you as a person.There are 3 key reasons to attend a Bible College rather than a secular university.


Gain confidence in your calling

We live in an information age; a world of thoughts, opinions, and personalities is never more than a click away. With so many alternatives to choose from and so many voices competing for your attention, you may not know exactly where you fit in or what your purpose is in this world. Bible College helps instill within you a sense of calling. We are not created for something greater, but for someone greater:  God. You are a beautiful child of God and you have a purpose. When you see yourself through His eyes, you will not have to look to others for purpose because you already know.You can gain confidence in your faith through theological classes. Understanding what you believe and why you believe it strengthens you to face opposition when it comes.


Grow your character

Employers are looking for people of character. Integrity, dependability, and passion are key traits; but they aren’t the kind of things you’ll find on the curriculum of most colleges. Many secular universities have reputations for partying and tardiness. Some employers think twice before they hire a college student. “Are they really reliable?”When going to a Bible College it’s a different ballgame. We are expected to have Christ’s attitude. At GCD, as at many Bible Colleges, character and a life of service are as important to students’ education as the coursework itself. We set the bar high and because of our experience at the college we are able to live up to it. Those attitudes of integrity and service are going to be treasured by your future employers someday.


Get deeper with God

Faith is what you lean on during finals. Faith is what gets you through obstacles in life. Faith is what leads you and encourages you to persevere. Without a good relationship with God and a strong foundation, how long will your faith last? Going to a Bible College encourages and feeds your relationship with God. Pursuing a Bachelor in Divinity or Christian Leadership takes you through classes that gives you a better understanding of God. Hermeneutics, Theology, and Greek are only some of the classes that can give you a greater understanding of the Creator. With daily interaction and studying you will grow in your relationship. Ultimately it is this relationship that will bring you to your greatest potential and peace.

Your intentionality and actions determine your potential!